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Digital Assets and Blockchain Trading: Conclusion

Trading has changed its form but not its purpose. All we need to trade are money, value, and trust. Blockchain technology has immense possibility for business operations, financial planning, individual investment, and so on. Its adoption may go mainstream with a triggering event—whether that event involves the adoption of digital currencies by a central bank, renumeration systems in cryptocurrency, or government regulation. As we enter this new era in history, we will need lawyers to guide us on complex issues of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This is especially important since federal agencies have indicated their intent to go after individuals and entities in this new industry. Attorneys will be needed in many areas including crypto fraud investigations; advising on initial coin offerings and security token offerings; assistance with AML/KYC policies; tax advice, compliance, and due diligence, and more. What will come next is only limited by our imaginations.

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