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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Law Firm in Miami

Blockchain attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden

Attorney Nick Oberheiden
Miami Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Team Lead
Blockchain attorney Alina Veneziano

Attorney Alina Veneziano
Miami Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Team Lead

Experienced South Florida Lawyers on Legal Issues Surrounding Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Why do you need Miami blockchain lawyers? Blockchain technology and its most popular application (cryptocurrencies) have been around for approximately a decade. However, the impact of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has been tremendous. Bitcoin has transitioned from a far-fetched idea to a formidable digital currency in less than a decade.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies (blockchain) has enjoyed similar growth, with the most popular application currently being NFTs. Blockchain technology is widely accepted today and is likely to increase in popularity. The technology has changed how many companies conduct business online. It has also brought many opportunities.

However, new opportunities come with risks. U.S. federal agencies like the SEC, IRS, and CFTC understand this too well, which is why they have increased surveillance on blockchain companies, cryptocurrency investors, cryptocurrency mining companies, and individuals who use cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. The agencies are particularly interested in entities and individuals violating complex and ever-changing legal rules.

Individuals and entities transacting in cryptocurrencies or using blockchain technology in other ways in Miami and other states in the U.S. are under constant blockchain compliance risks. Since the regulations are ever-changing, there is a need to be constantly up-to-date with the federal agencies to avoid unwanted scrutiny. That’s where Miami blockchain law firms like come in.

The Role of a Miami Blockchain Law Practice

What Do Blockchain Law Firms Do?

As the name suggests, blockchain law firms have attorneys whose primary mandate is helping individuals and business entities understand and navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding blockchain technology and widespread applications of the technology like cryptocurrencies. The law firms help clients make informed decisions on everything from reporting to compliance.

What We Offer at

We stand out for several reasons:

First and foremost, we have a hand-selected team of expert Miami blockchain lawyers with vast expertise on federal issues relating to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Our legal team is comprised of former federal employees, like former federal prosecutors, inspectors, and regulators. These experts work alongside our blockchain lawyers and offer priceless firsthand knowledge on how federal agencies treat blockchain-related issues. They also keep the law firm updated with the ever-changing federal government regulatory framework and enforcement measures regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

We also have a nationwide reputation. Our Miami blockchain lawyers understand blockchain and cryptocurrency-related regulations nationwide. Our presence in all states and vast network of legal professionals and consultants puts us among the best blockchain law firms in the U.S.

We’ve also developed strong professional relationships with federal agencies and regulators. Our consultants who have worked previously with agencies like the FBI, SEC, IRS, and other agencies on blockchain compliance and related issues know how to approach the many problems. We are among the few law firms with firsthand insights into the inner workings of federal agencies on blockchain matters which offers us a competitive advantage over competing Miami blockchain law firms. We can help our clients comply and avoid many blockchain-related issues.

We also have a high nationwide success rate – 95%. Our federal defense, litigation, and compliance success rate is 95%. Clients looking for a Miami blockchain law firm proven to defend clients successfully against federal investigations/prosecutions related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies can bet on us. We are proven to lessen or eliminate federal investigation risks.

Lastly, we are available throughout – 24/7. You can contact us anytime. Our Miami blockchain lawyers are ready to offer free & confidential case assessments today.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Compliance Services in Miami offers individuals and business entities a wide range of compliance services on blockchain technology and crypto issues. We encourage any person or entity searching for a proven Miami blockchain law firm to contact us. Our free consultation sessions allow us to understand the unique needs of every client. Some of the blockchain compliance issues we handled routinely include;

1. Blockchain Technology Compliance

Companies that utilize blockchain technology face unique and ongoing compliance challenges. Blockchain technology laws keep changing, making it extremely difficult to stay compliant.

We help blockchain technology companies navigate this complex and ever-changing legal landscape by offering real-time analysis to facilitate sound decision-making. Besides empowering our clients to avoid regulatory compliance issues, we also provide creative and flexible solutions that adapt to the ever-changing legal landscape.

2. Cryptocurrency Compliance for Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Cryptocurrency Investors, Cryptocurrency Companies, and Others

Companies and individuals transacting in the cryptocurrency space have unique compliance issues. Events like cryptocurrency halving, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), cryptocurrency trading, etc., create unique compliance risks. However, very few blockchain lawyers know how regulators treat such events. is among the few Miami blockchain law firms with firsthand knowledge of how regulators handle such events. Let our cryptocurrency lawyers explain your compliance requirements clearly and conclusively to avoid federal government investigations and other unfavorable actions.

3. Cryptocurrency Mining Compliance

Crypto mining is crucial for blockchain expansion. While the process comes with financial benefits for miners, it also has a fair share of legal and regulatory risks. Mining can be illegal based on the geographical location of mining rigs. The importance of ensuring you are running a fully compliant crypto mining operation can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

4. Cryptocurrency Transaction Recording & Reporting

The IRS regards cryptocurrencies as property (assets) subject to the same regulations as traditional assets like stocks. Cryptocurrency transactions are supposed to be recorded and reported. Capital gain taxes also apply.’s blockchain lawyers advise clients on every aspect of cryptocurrency transactions. You will understand the compliance implications of cryptocurrency trades, from recording to reporting and paying taxes.

5. Tax and General Corporate Compliance

As mentioned above, the IRS treats cryptocurrencies as taxable assets. The agency has clear guidelines on crypto taxation. These guidelines must be followed to avoid compliance issues. Cryptocurrency companies, blockchain companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency investors, and other entities that handle cryptocurrencies must understand the IRS’s take to be compliant. is a leading Miami blockchain law firm with a presence nationwide on blockchain federal compliance issues.

6. Smart Contracts Compliance

A smart contract is a self-executing contract reliant on blockchain technology. Contractual terms are stored on the blockchain. Execution is also automatic. While smart contracts have become common, they have unique risks.

We understand how to create and effect smart contracts. We also understand the compliance risks from a federal agency standpoint. Let’s help your business enjoy smart contract benefits minus the risks involved.

7. Blockchain & Crypto Fraud Defense

Compliance is critical for avoiding federal investigations. However, once federal agencies like the IRS launch investigations or take criminal actions against you or your company, the focus shifts from compliance to defense.

Many individuals and companies today in Miami and beyond find themselves subject to federal investigations for their cryptocurrency or blockchain use. You/your company can be subjected to a federal cryptocurrency fraud investigation based on innocent actions.’s blockchain attorneys represent individuals and entities who find themselves in the midst of SEC, IRS, CFTC, and other federal agency investigations. We defend clients in criminal and civil proceedings launched due to various blockchain and crypto fraud-related issues like; tax evasion, tax fraud, fraudulent ICOs, money laundering, bank & corporate fraud, and computer crimes like (cryptocurrency scams, cryptocurrency theft, and hacking).

Frequently Asked Questions on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

Which Federal Agencies Oversee Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are regulated heavily by the federal government, most notably by the IRS, SEC, and CFTC. However, one of the most important actors in blockchain regulation is the U.S. Department of Justice. While these other agencies can bring an enforcement action, such cases are usually civil in nature. However, in the event another federal agency determines that a party engaged in cryptocurrency fraud or blockchain fraud, the agency will notify the DOJ, which may pursue criminal charges. For this reason, it is imperative that anyone facing an inquiry from the federal government responds promptly and effectively, preferably through an experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyer.

Is It Mandatory to Pay Taxes When I Sell My Bitcoin at a Profit?

Yes. Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are treated as assets/property which attract capital gains tax. Since Bitcoin is an asset like stocks that can gain or lose value over time, any gain is regarded as capital gains if realized through a sale. Consequently, such gains must be taxed.

Since recording and reporting cryptocurrency transactions is mandatory as per the IRS, any profit from trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies must be taxed. What's more, taxation is calculated based on the profit in question, how long you have held the crypto, your income, and if you have other losses which the capital gains tax can offset.

Unless you are an expert in cryptocurrency taxation, consider talking to an experienced Miami blockchain law firm like

How Do I Choose a Miami Crypto and Blockchain Attorney

The first step to choosing a crypto and blockchain attorney is realizing you have a unique need that a typical lawyer can't address. Few lawyers understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies, let alone have a fully-developed practice. As a result, your options as a client are limited from the start if you are looking to hire true experts.

The importance of finding a tested and proven Miami cryptocurrency & blockchain attorney can't be overlooked. True experts have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations and compliance needs of different industries and jurisdictions. has blockchain attorneys and consultants who have previously held regulatory and prosecutorial roles in the federal government. They understand what federal agencies are looking for concerning blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation and are therefore best-suited to handle such cases.

Are Cryptocurrencies Used in Money Laundering Operations?

Yes. Since cryptocurrency transactions don't have the exact details of the persons transacting, they have been attractive currencies for persons that want anonymity in illicit transactions like money laundering. However, while crypto transactions utilize pseudonyms, federal agencies can uncover the persons or entities behind crypto transactions.

If federal agencies suspect illegal activity like tax evasion or money laundering, they can use court orders to force cryptocurrency exchanges to reveal the identity of suspect persons or entities. Federal agencies also use technology to identify and track suspicious crypto transactions.

Since investigations can be launched by innocent activities such as failing to report a transaction, the importance of seeking legal advice on all crypto and blockchain activities can't be overemphasized. With minimal evidence, allegations can be brought forward with hopes that a defendant will settle.'s Miami blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers aggressively represent clients facing crypto money laundering charges. Our decades of legal experience and collaboration with former federal agents enable us to handle all types of money laundering cases successfully.

Contact the Leading Miami Blockchain Compliance Lawyers & Miami Crypto Defense Lawyers

Individuals or entities under federal investigations for cryptocurrency or blockchain issues can contact us for help. We are a Miami blockchain law firm that handles blockchain and crypto compliance issues. We also offer aggressive defense should our clients face civil or criminal issues launched by the DOJ, IRS, FBI, SEC, CFTC, or other agencies. For more information, claim your FREE consultation here or call 1-888-680-1745.